Business ideas are everywhere. Every day, new startups launch, new industries emerge, and old businesses rebrand their way into new markets. With a little luck, one of today’s hottest trends could be tomorrow’s big business trend. Even the word entrepreneurship itself has become trendy. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these 12 entrepreneurs might be able to help you get started.

1 – Uber: The Marketplace for Self-Driving Cars

Uber is an on demand transportation service that gives people a cheap and easy method to request a car from a driver. With your smartphone, open Uber and enter your location or send a local message. Then just sit back and relax while your driver connects automatically via satellite technology. 

2 – Airbnb: Where To Go For A Great Night Of Accommodation

Airbnb is a peer-to-peer online rental marketplace founded in 2008 that allows its users to find lodging around the world, whether it’s a private room, shared apartment, house swap, vacation home or villa. 

3 – Stripe: Online Platform That Lets You Accept Payments In Just 5 Minutes

Stripe is an all-in-one solution that makes accepting payments safe and simple. It works with any eCommerce platform, mobile app or CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! & Magento. And because it’s integrated directly into your checkout flow, customers have no additional fees when they use Stripe—just secure payment processing.  

4 – Echo Nest: An AI Company Built By Music Experts

Echo Nest is a music intelligence company helping musicians grow audiences, brands better understand consumers, and advertisers reach relevant audiences. Its innovative music algorithms provide insights that make sense of what music fans actually listen to vs. what they claim to like.

5 – TaskRabbit: On Demand Workforce To Help Clients Outsource Their Tasks

TaskRabbit is an on demand workforce which is one of the first services listed when you search “on demand workforce.” Created in Utah in early 2007, this flexible work force gets clients tasks done. So if need errands run, food to bake, houses cleaned, dog walked, babies minded or plants cared for, post a task on offer board, the clients will then review them (tasks), bid how much time they want to spend doing the task ($19-$60) on and then alert the worker who accepts the job.

6 – Shopify: E Commerce Solution Built For Small Business Owners

Shopify is undoubtedly the most popular choice for small store owners who want to sell online. Customers love that it is very easy to navigate and set up. All pages incorporate large images making it fun and easy to shop. Items are also grouped together based on similar categories. T

7 – SimpleReach: Manage Email Lists Better Using Technology

Simple Reach is a full featured email marketing tool used by thousands of small businesses and professionals across the globe. It saves time and helps create meaningful connections with customers.

8 – Smartsheet: Collaborative Work Management Software

Smartsheet provides project management software designed to improve efficiency throughout the development process. Project teams can access plans with milestones and assign resources to complete projects. Create custom views so that team members can see only information that relates to them. Share documents such as business plan and product roadmaps.

The Bottom Line

These aren’t the only thriving ventures in today’s world of business, where online gambling companies are raking in annual revenue at record highs. All this only goes to show that online entrepreneurship is here to stay!